Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New in Weblogic 12c....

And here's the final video in our quick 12c introduction series, showing you the new weblogic console and new 12c management features:

Friday, January 29, 2016

12c - Other New Features

Another quick video that continues where the previous one left off. Watch it to see other new features in WebCenter Content 12c:

Monday, January 4, 2016

New in 12c - ADF UI

Here's a second installment in our review of new features in Oracle WebCenter 12c and it shows you the new ADF UI:

Monday, December 7, 2015

New features in WebCenter Content 12c

If you follow us on OTN forums, you might've seen this thread on new features in WebCenter 12c. I will continue to introduce new features with quick video walkthroughs.

In a nutshell, 12c boasts the following major improvements over version 11g:

  • More compact file structure. Oracle has rearranged files in installation directory making it easier to find stuff.
  • Imaging services are now built in. IPM/Imaging components are now pre-installed in Content Server and there's no need for separate weblogic managed server to run Imaging.
  • Trash Bin in Framework Folders. Framework Folders have now been updated to include Trash - a very handy feature!
  • Updates in Dynamic Converter. Dynamic Converter is now built into the Content Server and features improvements in template management.
  • URM is built in. WebCenter Records is no longer a separate product. All records management features are now included in Oracle Content Server.
  • Site Studio is still in. While Oracle Site Studio is bing phased out in favour of new WebCenter Sites, Site Studio component is still included with WebCenter 12c.
  • WebUI/ADF UI built in. ADF UI that has debuted in 11g as a standalone WebUI application has not been built in, for a much improved user experience. And if you enable Imaging, it also includes Image Annotations.
  • Video Manager is also built in. And if you enable it, you'll see video renditions in ADF UI.

And here's the first of the quick walkthroughs showing you the new, more compact file system of 12c:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Framework Folders - Deleted Folder Recovery

Skip hours of digging through database backups to restore that folder tree a user has accidentally deleted. And remember how these folders were needed to be restored... well, yesterday, because all items they have deleted by accident were uber-important?

The new Content Server 12c now includes the Trash feature added back to new Framework Folders. Clients have been missing that for a long time!

For those of you who are staying with 11g for the next little while, we have developed a solution that will tie you over (with comfort) until you're ready to upgrade.

Here's how it works: each time a folder delete service is exectured, the content of the folder (and all of it's sub-folders and files) is stored and checked in as an XML file.

Restore operation is then becomes very simple:

  • Locate recovery record for the folder you're looking to restore
  • Click 'Restore' ... and you're done
The folder structure is restored and the files are un-expired for you, bringing the folder into a staging area where you can review the content and move it back to the tree.

There you have it. You can now code your own Folder Recovery component or let me know if you need more information

WebCenter 12c is out!

After all the rumors, new WebCenter is finally out, in time for the Open World!

Jonathan Hult has done an awesome job putting together a goto list for getting started with fresh new WebCenter.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Did you see these most engaging WebCenter Content topics for 2015?

My team has recently spent time to fish out the most useful, most engaging discussion topics, blog posts and articles in WebCenter space. Smart Oracle guys, my fellow Oracle ACEs and dozens of keen users from the frontline trenches of Content Management around the world have worked hard to contribute these nuggets of wisdom... each one of them could slash hours, if not days of problem solving time from your busy schedule, making up room for more rewarding stuff.

Check them out, learn, enjoy:

Optimizing The Release of documents in OWC

Dynamic discussion on Indexing, Oracle Text Search and why documents are getting stuck in the 'Done' status instead of getting released.

You may also like to revisit Kyle's handy tip on Adjusting the Score on Oracle Text search results

Folders, Folders, Folders

Doing custom work with Framework Folders? These insight-rich threads could come in very handy...

What do you mean you don't read HDA?

This is an older post but it deserves another nod. And it's not just a tip or an article. Kyle is actually sharing an uber-useful Excel macro tool that makes confusing HDA files look neat and logical!

There you have it... and please let me know if I missed anything...

I'll see you over in the comments. Love to hear your thoughts.

Stay frosty