Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fastest way to understand security model I know about

At last! After years of struggling to explain Content Server security model to my clients - I finally got it!

A while back when I was first learning it myself - it took me about an hour to understand how Role-based component alone is used. But when I tried to add on accounts... Later in that day there were five of us desperately trying to cut through the mess of multiple dimensions and confusing terminology. It took us several hours of screaming around a white board just to begin seeing some light at the end of the tunnel...

It always bothered me greatly to look at my customers suffer through trying to get their head around it. Many just gave up and were forced to rely on consultants for explanation... Not any more!

So here it comes

I finally realized that most humans are not good at piling on multiple dimensions ... and I see no benefit of looking at all the components of security model at once! When clients were introduced only one component of the model at a time and asked to keep them separate in their heads (and their diagrams) - the confusion quickly subsided or didn't appear in the first place!

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  1. Where can I get a good, comprehensive training on the Oracle UCM

  2. HI,

    where can I get a good training on Oracle UCM ?
    Are there any online, CD based or classroom training available ?

  3. Hi Luke

    I seriously suggest you start with this book:


    I wish I had it back when I started!

    It might sound self-serving - so let me tell you this.... if you get my book and end up not liking it - I'll gladly buy it back from you - with my own cash .... and give you $20 for inconvenience!

    After that - we offer a self-paced video training at http://stellentexperts.com/se/products.htm

    and various instructor-based courses - link below


    Hope that helps