Thursday, December 24, 2009

And Oracle documentation confirms: Propagate in virtual folders meant to be broken!

If you ever tried to use Propagate feature in Virtual Folders - just to discover that it doesn't work - this post will delight you.

Imagine you need to "push down" the meta values from a parent folder down - onto the sub-folders and content items in them. You select Propagate from the menu on the top right on folder information page:

You go to a sub-folder and check if its meta was updated. And it wasn't! You check the content items… Same story.

What gives?

Don't be surprised when Propagate does nothing - if you use it "out of the box"!

That's right: Before you can use Propagate feature, you need to specify - what meta fields are ok to push down.

Here's how you do it: Expand Administration Tray. Expand Folder Configuration. Click Information Field Inherit Configuration. Here's how Information Field Inherit Configuration screen looks like:

Just place check marks against the fields you'd like to push down when you use the propagate feature - and click Update. You're done.

Now you can propagate the meta values! Give it a try!