Thursday, December 24, 2009

And Oracle documentation confirms: Propagate in virtual folders meant to be broken!

If you ever tried to use Propagate feature in Virtual Folders - just to discover that it doesn't work - this post will delight you.

Imagine you need to "push down" the meta values from a parent folder down - onto the sub-folders and content items in them. You select Propagate from the menu on the top right on folder information page:

You go to a sub-folder and check if its meta was updated. And it wasn't! You check the content items… Same story.

What gives?

Don't be surprised when Propagate does nothing - if you use it "out of the box"!

That's right: Before you can use Propagate feature, you need to specify - what meta fields are ok to push down.

Here's how you do it: Expand Administration Tray. Expand Folder Configuration. Click Information Field Inherit Configuration. Here's how Information Field Inherit Configuration screen looks like:

Just place check marks against the fields you'd like to push down when you use the propagate feature - and click Update. You're done.

Now you can propagate the meta values! Give it a try!


  1. I wouldn't consider this to be broken.. Just have to know how to use it properly ;)

  2. Hi John. I did notice that smiley face in your comment. Its seems "broken". Its not obvious. I've seen people not using the feature because of that...

    Admit it. You can't afford to study ALL of documentation before you use ECM... You rely on your experience and shortcuts...

  3. A word of warning - it's a global setting, everyone propagates the same specified fields. Make sure that if you change the settings, you change them back.

  4. We have an issue. The propagation of metadata values work, but the when u search for the documents with updated values it returns no results. So basically, index is not getting updated for the propagated metadata values. Any idea why this could be happening?

  5. Hello Chehan

    Does manual updating of metadata work? You may be dealing with a more general issue.... What does the log file say?