Friday, August 13, 2010

How to install new Oracle UCM 11gR1 faster then everyone else thought possible

If you, like the most of Stellent folks I know, are feeling pressure to try the new UCM 11g, but don't have a week to spend on trial and error - this will be the most important email you've received in this entire summer.

I've just published a complete set of videos that shows you exactly how to install and configure new Oracle UCM ... faster than everyone else thought possible. Set up your own complete portable environment on your laptop or desktop - in a short afternoon - and watch your buddies' jaws drop!

This really is the lazy man' guide to building your own Oracle UCM 11gR1 environment (in just a few short hours).

I show you how to avoid all the pitfalls and get it done right the first time. Let those know-it-alls struggle for a couple of days. Why not get it over with in an hour or two... and go play golf?

Just go to and see how easy it can really be.

Additional videos are available at

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  1. Great post, in case anyone else gets the same problem as I did, when enabling full text search (internal) running on SQL Server Express R2 I got an error 'unable to find Stellent_Fulltext'.

    The problem seems to be that it is case sensitive, UCM is looking for Stellent_FullText and the scripts that create the full text index create it as Stellent_Fulltext.

    To resolve, I recreated the index using the script

    and modified the script to a capital 'T' then ran the script. After the script is created, you need to change the owner to contentserver_role and change it to be the default index (double click the index in SQL Server Management Studio) to get the properties window up.