Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tap the wealth of killer queries, reports and custom pages...

If your business users might benefit from some killer reports,
custom pages and queries - this exclusive guide might save
you days of trial and error.

It will instantly show you how to do all these and more - with the
tool that many administrators ignore (or at least, under-utilize) -
the WebLayout Editor

The steps described in this guide will work in both - the latest
Content Server 11g R1 and still more common version 10gR3.

Grab your copy here:



  1. Hi Dmitri
    Is there a way to show the number of results at the end of the report?


    Andre Almar

  2. Yep. Actually, when I run a report, in the top of the page it says "Number of items found: 8". Are you overlooking the count? :)

    But if you need to customize the output - use Results tab on Query Link Definition dialog. That's easy.

    For more advanced changes you can customize your search results pages by modifying custom include. its a lot of work to find the right one though, so I'd advice you try to avoid these customizations if possible...

  3. I need to make a report of users about their roles and permissions.
    How many users in a particular group and what are their permissions ? I need to make it by web layout editor.Can anyone tell me how to customize the existing default report template or how to create a new one in content server 11g ?? Reply..