Monday, May 7, 2012

Integrating Oracle Content Server into larger architectures... In 30 minutes or less!

This whitepaper is the fastest way to tap into WebCenter Content (Oracle UCM) from your other enterprise application I know about. You’ll get a quick and practical introduction to all major integration scenarios, like using the UCM as your content database, long term storage, document management and web content management - both real time and batch-oriented. Plus you’ll get fresh, hands on insight into using various technologies and best fits for all integration scenarios.

Grab your copy here:


  1. I think you need to make another post just to clarify the

    It's not really clear for everybody how to do this.

  2. Paul Gatewood11/20/12, 2:56 PM

    Hi Dmitri,

    Thanks for your great white paper.

    I am working on using RIDC to access content services, and have not been able to find a document which details the specifics of invoking specific services.

    For example, in your white paper you have a method called updateMeta().
    1) There is an UPDATE_METADATA service. How did you know to call UPDATE_DOCINFO rather than UPDATE_METADATA?

    2) How did you know about a property called createPrimaryMetaFile and how/when to use it in the call to UPDATE_DOCINFO?

    3) The section I see -- in the WebCenter Content Services Reference Guide for UPDATE_METADATA ( is pretty much empty -- how does one find out when and how to invoke it?

    Thanks for any feedback/pointers.


  3. Hello Paul

    Your question #3 shows that you've already came to the right place! This link will answer all of your questions... Just don't use UPDATE_METADATA. Use UPDATE_DOCINFO - and there're examples in the guide you pointed to

    Hope that helps

    You can always get some support hours from us and someone will spend time on the phone/web conference to show you and guide around the obstacles...

    All the best