Saturday, December 20, 2014

A better approach to content migrations brings $2 Million in savings and 20 times better use of Senior Resources

We got recently engaged by the cleint who has 47 Business Areas, that are still storing data on shared drives. This brings up a set of challenges with controlling access and revisions, finding content and other known issues.
Migrating content over to Oracle WebCenter will make content much safer, easier to manage and let Business Areas benefit from retention management, conversion and other features available in Oracle WebCenter, so the decision has been made to complete Migration Project within 1.5 years.
Each area was taking about 4 months of a Sr. Information Management Professional and one IM Support Person. At that rate, the entire migration was going to take 16 years unless new people are added. Scaling up was also problematic due to complex manual process required for mapping old file locations to the new file plan-based locations and other verification and migration activities. It also required highly trained staff due to big probability of error with possible severe implications.


ECM Solutions developed an innovative mapping and migration tool that removed the complexity and reduced possibility of error thus reducing the demands on the operator, so now it is much easier to bring additional people to scale up the migration.
The time required to migrate was reduced down to about 1 month of an IM Support Person and just 0.2 month of Sr. IM Professional is now required for supervision. That’s 4x improvement for Jr. IM Staff and 20x improvement for Sr. Stuff.
It is now entirely possible to migrate all of ARD content into WebCenter in allotted 1.5 years and realize improved security, auditing, revisioning, search, metadata, conversion and other benefits of Oracle WebCenter.


Here're some specific numbers to illustrate the outcomes of implementing the new tool:
  • Business areas left to migrate: 47
  • Estimated cost using Excel, manual mapping: 4 months of 2 people per area ... about 63,200 man hours
  • Estimated cost at $50/hr of Sr. IM and $30 of Jr. IM - $2.5 Million
  • Estimated cost of migration using the tool: 1 month of Jr IM and 0.2 months of Sr. IM
  • Estimated cost at $50/hr of Sr. IM and $30 of Jr. IM ... $316,000 ... Savings of $2.2 Million
  • Net savings (including the cost of development) - About $2.1 Million
These numbers could be even better if we factored in the benefits of improved quality of mapping and the savings brought by using Oracle WebCenter Content - that will be realized much sooner. More savings still to be realized with significant quality improvements and time savings on the IT side when comparing the use of the tool with previous Batch Loader, IDC Command and Database Scripting - based migrations.
With using Excel - based manual process, it would take up to 8 additional people to migrate 47 business areas in 1.5 years. These people need to be hired or pulled off their current projects. All 8 people will also need to be trained before they could begin.
With the help of the new Migration Tool - 2 people that are already dedicated for the project will be able to complete the migration process on time.
Contact us to see how a custom migration tool can translate into quick, significant savings for your organization

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