Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adobe Acrobat - Native WebCenter Content Integration now available

Now you can work with PDF documents and metadata in Content Server seamlessly, without leaving Acrobat - and with ultimate simplicity

Search WebCenter right from within Acrobat... Check-Out and open for editing with one click flat... Check-In new revisions transparently on every save or Ctrl-S... Use Smart Form Assistant to fill metadata and never type the same values again.

Eliminate These Records, Compliance and Data Integrity Risks:

Your Documents are no longer left on the file system after check in. Check-In is completed with one click and revisions are no longer missing - even when users are interrupted and would otherwise forget to complete the check in. Correct content contributed - when users are not forced to browse for a file to check in - they won't accidentally pick a wrong file. Download Whitepaper to learn more

Check Out in One Click Flat

  • Locate, open and save PDF documents without leaving Acrobat or CS - just like the stock MS Word Plug-in
  • Recent Files in Adobe transparently open or check out files from their appropriate location - ECM or local file system
  • Recent Files from ECM Server are also conveniently segregated in a menu and can be checked out and open with one click
  • Three powerful ways to locate documents in ECM:
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search or
  • Browsing Folders
  • Recently used folders are saved for nearly one click Check Out

Check your changes in - instantly

  • Check In new documents directly from Adobe - by using Check In Form or by browsing folders. Recently used folders are saved for nearly one click check-ins
  • Recent values entered in the form on Check In are saved automatically and can be recalled with one click
  • Saved Personal Metadata Sets for quick check in with metadata
  • Create PDF portfolios by dragging and dropping documents directly from ECM search results
  • Drag and Drop Metadata from the PDF document itself or ECM Folders - directly onto the check in form - for quick check-ins with quality metadata... Download Whitepaper to learn more

Save about 30 min of peak productive time per user per day - every day

... by eliminating repetitive manual steps required for every check-in and update.

Save a lot more time when working with PDF Electronic Binders:

"Electronic binders often have over a dozen documents in them and - without Integration - these manual steps need to be followed for each document."
- Stephen Madsen, Program Manager, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Our Adobe ECM Integration Plug-ins do not require an installer. Simply unzip the content of a distribution package into Acrobat's plugins folder and restart Acrobat to use ECM Integration features.

Contact ECM Solutions for more information.

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