Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fill Check In form with quality metadata with just One Click (with this new Check In Form Assistant)

One of the very neat features of our new Oracle Desktop - Style integration for Adobe Acrobat is the Form Assistant. This is one of these 'little extras' that take user productivity to an entirely new level. Why? Because it

Allows you to fill in your check in form with quality metadata .... in just one click!

Seriously. It lest you supply full metadata values and place documents in proper WebCenter Folder with just one click because you could save different sets of metadata values for different types of documents you frequently work with. For instance, when you check in invoices from a vendor XYZ, you fill in vendor name of XYZ, a Vendor Type of X, a Document Type of Invoice and so on. The only field that is really different from an invoice to invoice is the title. The Form Assistant now allows you to save 'XYZ Invoice' as your personal Saved Metadata Value Set and apply it with one click (See screenshot below)

Form Assistant also gives you these other quick ways to fill in your Check In Form with quality metadata values:

  • Apply Folder Metadata - uses Content Server Folders metadata. Allows you to apply all non-empty values from a Content Server Folder or drag and drop individual values right into the form!
  • Fill With Recent Entries - Yes! Each and every time an item is checked in, a full set of values you used is automatically saved in your personal log of recent form entries and the entire form can be recalled in one click.
  • Use PDF Metadata From Document - All of the extended Windows and PDF metadata values defined in the document itself are now available for drag and drop right into the fields of your Check In form
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